About Us

The Truth In Skin Care

We introduce the latest products in skin care with some of the most nourishing and unique formulas. These are handmade from some of the rarest and finest ingredients from all around the world. To ensure that you are getting the best quality chemical free skin care products, we prefer to use organic, unrefined plant based ingredients which are purchased directly from the producer thus guaranteeing the freshest quality material for our formulations.


Our Ingredients

are obtained by cold pressing, maceration, infusion from organically grown/wild harvested plants. These ingredients are never in contact with pesticides, fungicides or any chemical substance from crop to the final product. These products maintain the natural colors, textures and scents of the plants which are the main source of their healing properties. Unprocessed ingredients are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and phenols needed to supply the skin with all the nourishment it needs to be healthy, well nourished and glowing. Skin care should be though of the same way you choose to eat a healthy meal. This is why Nutritionist Tammy has created these skin nourishing formulas to show you exactly where the truth in beauty lies.

Our Formulations

These formulas are created to introduce the concept that you can have freshly made products, the same way you can prepare and have a fresh healthy meal. We all want to know what are the best skin care products out there. Choosing the best skin care products begins with a focus on healthy skin, not just on beauty. The skin is the largest organ of the body and to nourish it with ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals and preservatives is the best way to prevent having any problems with the skin. Our exceptional formulas are not just sitting on a shelf or in a ware house waiting to be purchase. The products are ready to be made at the time of your purchase. So no more purchasing products that have been filled with preservatives to maintain their shelf life for years. You order it and then it’s made. 

Our Environment

Introducing freshly made skin care products takes careful though and time to focus on reducing the harm done to our environment. We have greatly reduced the use of plastic containers and replaced most of them in Glass containers. For products made and placed in plastic containers, we have decided to send your first order originally. Any repeated orders will be sent in an Eco-friendly paper bag for you to refill your plastic container. So please don’t throw the container you receive with the first order. This is only temporary alternative until we have fully recyclable containers. This is only usually with products such as our body scrubs.

At a glimpse of Beauty we want you to discover the best of what we know and are about to discover. Search our website and find some of the rarest but beautiful products you will ever encounter.Thanks for visiting.