About Us

What’s Extraordinary?

 We introduce the best products for skin care with some of the most nourishing and unique formulas. These are made from some of the rarest and finest ingredients from all around the world. Our skin care products are chosen and made to ensure that you are getting the best quality skin care products available. We prefer to use organic, unrefined plant-based ingredients which are purchased directly from the producer thus guaranteeing the freshest quality material for our formulations. Our ingredients are obtained by cold pressing, maceration, infusion from organically grown/wild harvested plants. Our technique of making these products require minimal heat, so that we preserve the nutrients found in our raw ingredients. This results in products that produce the true benefits and results when compared to other brands.

Why Choose Us?

Some people say beautiful skin is a result of what we consume internally. Even thought this is true, our skin is still the largest organ of the body. When applying healthy nourishing ingredients to our skin, this shows that healthy looking skin is also a result of what is being applied externally.

 We all want to know what the best skin care products are out there. Choosing the best skin care products begins with a focus on healthy skin, that enhances the way you feel about your beauty. Imagine not choosing to applying makeup or use enhancers, just because you simply like the way you look naturally after your skin care routine. Our products have been formulated to provide you with that look and feeling.

Our Environment: Introducing freshly made skin care products takes careful though and time to focus on reducing the harm done to our environment. We have greatly reduced the use of plastic containers and replaced most of them in glass containers with aluminum lids which are easy to recycle. There are great environmental benefits for using these types of containers which still go to a landfill. This means if we recycle more aluminum, we can reduce the number of containers needed to produce new products. We also use ingredients that are free of pesticides, artificial colors, and harsh chemicals.

Skin care should be thought of the same way you choose to eat a healthy meal. Therefore, Nutritionist Tammy has created these skin nourishing formulas to show you exactly where the truth in beauty lies. These formulas are created to introduce the concept that our skin deserves the same approach we use for a healthy lifestyle.